The Nicholas Ninow Rape Case and Trial


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
WATCH | Dros rapist Nicholas Ninow loses bid to appeal against conviction and life sentence

The high court in Pretoria on Tuesday dismissed Dros rapist Nicholas Ninow's application for leave to appeal against the conviction and life sentence imposed on him.

Ninow was convicted in September 2019 of raping a seven-year-old girl at a Dros restaurant in Silverton, Pretoria. The incident happened in September 2018.

He was sentenced him to life in prison for the rape and five years for drug possession and defeating the ends of justice. The sentences run concurrently.
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Honorary Master
Dec 20, 2007

YFM has confirmed that it has fired its senior content producer for her racial remarks on Twitter over convicted child rapist Nicholas Ninow.

On October 16, the radio station said, it was brought to its attention via YFM social media platforms that independent contractor and senior content producer Camagwini Mavovana had posted racially discriminatory commentary on her personal social media account relating to a matter of broad public interest.

The post in question stated: "Nicholas is representing his race well. Amnesia is something they're good at, especially when they have to take accountability. Let the dog rot in jail and call it a day."

There are hundreds of these post that Ninow is a representation of whites and their privilege. Good to see one person go fired because of it.
No R150k fine? Discount due to skin color privilege?