The price of DStv Premium, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube Premium on the DStv Explora Ultra

This is why many people are still willing to pay the R829 subscription fee..

DStv Premium with Explora Ultra decoderR949

Now remember kids, that "PVR" fee that DStv charges you to let you make use of the features for the decoder that you bought and paid for, is pure profit for them. R130 per month, the price of Netflix, and they won't even drop that to encourage people to stay with DStv..
I thought this offer will include internet as well. Is that not what they were saying from the start?
Lol .... This reminds me of the Street Fighter games .... Super Ultra DSTV ...
The calculation above does not take the full price into account, however, since all of the services – with the exception of the DStv channels – would require an active Internet connection to work
You can't add the internet connection requirement on as part of the cost, just like you wouldn't add in the cost of the electricity to run the whole setup. An internet connection is no longer a "nice to have" but rather a necessity for any modern middle to upper class household. The internet connection serves too many other purposes to be thought of as that thing you need to get a streaming service. It has just become that thing you need to function in the modern world.
So, in essence, it all adds up to just R2000 per month.

Recently got kicked off YT premium ZA family plan.

It seems the big G has decided to clamp down on cross border sharing
hmmmmmm, okay.... I might be a n00b here with math and stuff. But billions of hours?

Netflix US, that has more content than SA as far as I know, only runs around 36000 hours worth of content (2020 data)

DSTV doesn't have on-demand content, so per channel, the max hours they can get in a month is 744 (this unfortunately includes advertising as I don't want to run on the average runtime per tv episode/series/movies as they all have different run times)

DSTV currently has 180 channels (yes I'm including the audio only ones), which is 133920 hours per month but includes repeats which doesn't generally make that number seem huge at all....

Same with Amazon Prime, running roughly 36000 hours worth of content available per streaming channel. Less for Showmax, but lets also use the 36000 hour mark. Hell, lets double all the on-demand streaming content hours available (which isn't realistic for the region, but since we have BILLIONS of hours to work with:

Now sure, the author includes YouTube here.... which is user generated content and doesn't really include any shows, so I can see where the "billions" come from in this regard. 500 hours per minute is uploaded to YouTube, roughly 262800000 hours (262 million) per year or 21900000 (21 million) hours per month. This of course only accounts for new content uploaded.

However, since there is no need for YouTube Premium, I'm assuming they are only referencing the shows made for YouTube Premium (some of which are on other streaming platforms like Netflix)

This cuts down the number of hours of content available drastically on YouTube, since now we're not counting user generated content.

So, currently they have 221 shows (some of them are in development), most of which averages around 11 minutes in content, but lets be generous and work on the longest running time of 60 minutes per episode (instead of an average). Most of them are 1 season / 8 episodes in length, with a few in the 2nd season

But lets make that 4 seasons, 16 episodes each @ 60 minutes an episode (since we need to reach billions of hours)

YouTube premium comes in at 14144 hours of content available

3 on-demand streaming channels: 216000 hours
YouTube Premium: 14144 hours
DSTV Channels: 133920 hours (per month, which is in total, and this is total broadcast time, not total content available as I indicated earlier)

This brings my napkin math and about 30 minutes worth of research to a total of 364064 hours

That's three hundred sixty-four thousand sixty-four. No million, no billion.

Still, 41 years worth of content available to you to stream, but BILLIONS????

However, since there is no need for YouTube Premium, I'm assuming they are only referencing the shows made for YouTube Premium (some of which are on other streaming platforms like Netflix)
It could be argued the greatest facet of YTP is the music and, more importantly, the advertising-free video - not their original content. So you quite possibly would be getting "billions" of hours of premium (aka ad-free) content but you'd get that with a YTP subscription on its own.

Can you access the free version of Youtube from the decoder without a premium subscription?

Does anyone with DSTV premium know if you can access the US Netflix catalogue by using the usual methods (DNS/VPN)?