The risk of still running Windows XP


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Nov 1, 2010
It doesn't help that Satya is upending the current structure and trying to change the company's ethos from one of fear and loathing to something more harmonious and focused on creating technologies for the internet and other mobile platforms, not computers. He's good for the company, but the period that he finds himself in when he's at the helm is also its most turbulent, and he's not the right fit for what the company should be doing now, which at this moment is not treating its customers like children or information gold mines. They are customers, not users.

Facebook has users. Google has users. Microsoft and Apple have customers who pay for their software through purchasing devices or getting the license themselves, and they should treat them as such.
Channel structure is under stress due to market change towards gadgets, Microsoft just add extra tension, customers are upset. It is true in every word you wrote.