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Great news from KZN.

I'm not sure shutting out the leading party is 'the will of the people', but blame MK for that.
Meanwhile the Commander is busy flip flopping.
Malema says they are not against a government of national unity, they simply don't want the DA and Freedom Front Plus. "They represent colonialism. They take us backwards."
Now he's not against GNU again...
Here is what I think may happen in the next few years. I could be wrong but we can bookmark this and see.

I feel some minority communities (where it gets a LOT of support from) that form part of the DAs core base will find it hard to digest the DA being in power with the ANC. They will see the pictures of CR (or his replacement) and JS together and it will turn them off. Especially since the DAs strategy has been an anti-ANC campaigning for so long. The ANC will also shed support for the same reasons. These poor Indian and coloured communities could be wooed by minority big men, like the Gayton type and like the deceased Rajbansi.

After 5 years-their economic and social situations may not change (I don't see Grassy Park or Phoenix improving in the next 100 years), or may worsen- and with the having DA been in coalition government with the ANC- the minority big men will use this to campaign against them.
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