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Let us stop thinking tribally. We need brains and the black bulk of DA voters seem to agree.
I agree but the optics looks bad. Look at the replies under Samkelo's tweet
There was an internal nomination process, seems she was Deputy Chief Whip. They probably want to keep Gwarube as Chief Whip for now.
Is she the only capable black leader?
Oh do fuk all the way off.

This is the issue with South Africa; so bloody obsessed with race.
Race will ALWAYS matter in South Africa because it has always mattered. You are not going to get away from that. The EFF and MK must be licking its lips calling the ANC sellouts for the next 5 years.
The question now is since its secret ballot does the MK have secret support in the seats

In the KZN Legislature:

ANC MPL Nontembeko Boyce is expected to be reelected as Speaker through a secret ballot, with the supporting votes of the IFP and the DA - if nothing dramatic happens. She stands against the MK Party's pick, former ANC MP Mervyn Dirks.

Secret ballot voting is underway.

- Soyiso Maliti
The MKP have taken up their seats in KZN? Curious because their opposition is for the entire election.
I'm going to get **** for this on here but i'm going to say it anyway. I'll preface this by saying I'm a DA voter. Why are they nominating a white person to this position? Are there no Coloured or Black leaders in the DA? This is the DA's chance to reach out and prove to those who accuse it of being a white party to nominate a capable black person. The DA just doesn't listen or seem to care. I'm starting to find it very hard to defend the DA from people accusing it of sideling black and coloured people.
Should all white south africans just not bother with politics and just drown themselves in the ocean?
One would think that an advanced society moves past race, but SA hasn't reached that point unfortunately
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