The Shroom Thread


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Apr 9, 2019
200g of the real deal albinos coming next week.

THe rubbish most people sell is criminal. I got some for 50 a g from an idiot and my treasure coast are stronger. the real APE , half a g is adventurous


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Oct 12, 2006
Albino Penis Envy
Penis Envy
Treasure Coast
Natalensis Sclerotia ‘Philosopher’s Stone’

Has anyone had sclerotia?
Philosopher's Stone can be brutal. Chowed them many times. Mostly a smooth visual and spiritual trip but occasionally one encounters heavy "turbulance"which can be very unnerving.

For heavy trips I prefer Panaeolus.

I don't really do shroom trips anymore. I micro-dose when I can. It helps with my appetite, sleep patterns and anxiety. They truly are magical.


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Mar 27, 2019
Ja, 0.05g psilocybin, but the cap self is also 0.3g content. Remember the whole shroom is not made out of psilocybin. (This is how I understood).
If you take 8 tabs of BGHF you trip, and its not a trip 0.4g will give you. its a trip you get when taking 2.5g plain shrooms.
Believe me....
Based on the above, I went and got some capsules (60 X 2) from TBGHF. I've never ever had magic shrooms before, been researching them on and off for the past couple of years.

I've always wondered what it was like to see warped faces, intensified colours, fairies & gnomes tucked away in the shadows, geometric patterns, machine elves etc. Spoiler alert: None of this happened. :confused:

No preparation. I tried 2 caps. ZERO effect.

I fasted for 36 hours, got my set and setting perfectly sorted and took 8 caps. After 1.5 hours ZERO effect.
I slide another 8 caps open and emptied their contents into my cup of herbal tea. Waited another 1.5 hours with ZERO effect. Ended up having an edible and vaping some nugs which had the usual effects. Trusty cannabis FTW, never disappoints. I appreciate the canna blessings, however was (really) hoping for a new experience that day.

It's not easy or often that I manage to co-ordinate 8+ consecutive hours alone to my self for meditation & reflection. I reckon that TBGHF changed something or I have a bizarre tolerance. I spent time preparing set and setting just to have it "wasted", is a real bummer.

Next Saturday I'm just going to empty the remaining 40 capsules into some boiled water and lemon tek it for 15-20min.

Natural tolerance sucks!!!! :mad::mad::(

Any other practical suggestions to "get me there" with what I've got at my disposable will be highly appreciated. :notworthy::love:

(No silly remarks suggesting DMT, Salvia, LSD, Morning glory seeds, Syrian rue, Tide pods (etc) please, because obviously, and unfortunately I don't have access to those)