THE SOUL?!: How does Conscience, con science (why do we feel alive)


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Dec 26, 2006
Conscience; how what where does this which is closest to us or us, come from or be

My Verdicts;
1. Brain is like Television connected to the Soul(Television studio); the brain is much like a modem
2. Brain is like connected to some other dimension in which the soul(Conscience) exists (like The Matrix)
3. Brain is connected in a very complex way which is misunderstood by modern science, and somehow leads us into achieving self-awareness.
4. Conscience exists through some Einstein theory like space-time

When we die; do we get frozen in time and conscience; do we simply seize to be self-aware; do we enter the dimension of our souls; or conscientiously live our entire past life all at once and in one frozen eternal moment
other suggestions?
does anybody know?
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Dec 13, 2006
Although most of the members are not interested in the bible as a reference I start from there:

Mankind created in the image of god,
One god but three persons- the father, the son, and the holy spirit, and they operate separately but the Spirit will do only what glorifies the Son and Son will only do what the Father tells him to do… Fantastic the Godhead…

Mankind consist of flesh , spirit , and soul-also three but can’t operate separately,so man is indeed less than god…

Your flesh is your human body.
Your spirit resides in your conscience
Your soul consists of the mind which is wicked ,your free will ,thoughts where you choose to live or die…

Adam in the Garden of Eden knew he will be disobedient eating from the fruit. If he made his choice based on his conscience he would have refused the eating of the fruit , he knew it was wrong. He made his choice however on the basis of his mind, his free will and sinned…


Feb 6, 2004
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