The South African billionaires behind Rain

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
The South African billionaires behind Rain

South African mobile operator Rain has some of South Africa’s most successful businessmen behind it, including Patrice Motsepe, Paul Harris, Michael Jordaan, and Willem Roos.

The story behind Rain starts with Paul Harris and Michael Jordaan’s investment in MultiSource, which provided a wide range of telecommunications services and products.

In 2015, MultiSource acquired Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) – the company behind iBurst - which gave it access to valuable 4G and 5G spectrum.
Clearly they making money at other peoples frustration and expense. I don't hear any good stories about Rain but i guess you get what you pay for. Around R499 uncapped but with zero service guarentee.
It really doesnt matter who is behind a service if its a poor service.
I have yet to hear from one person that they are happy with Rain.
Let them go on facebook and see how many people say they want refunds. If they give us our refunds they will not be billionaires anymore
The Rain subscribers should hope that fibre gets rolled out where Rain has coverage.
This will then let some/most/all Rain subscribers move over to fibre and in turn making Rain towers less congested.

Honestly, between Frogfoot 100Mbps/100Mbps fibre and Rain 5G Premium uncapped, I think Rain is just just ahead. I did have Rain issues around 9months ago but that seems to be sorted as well. I even started a Whatsapp group for the neighbourhood since I did not get support from Rain. The Whatsapp group has been quite the last couple of months. This is in a area which has 70% fibre coverage, so that really helps.
Great ideas, but execution falling short. Tons of threads with people with issues. Have said before, i would love to see this thing working, but looks like its going nowhere at the moment
I tried rain literally a month and a half as a backup... it isn't... you need a backup for rain!!! It's crap
Here's a thought. Instead of making it rain, how about you make it work first. It's a lot like the Post Office. Doesn't really work as well as advertised.
I guess they have to pack away more billions before actually providing a service.