The takedown of Black Opinion website: Poor SA Internet law


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Nov 22, 2014
Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean their retarded opinions are not going to exist just because you take down their website. I would prefer if people post all the crazy stuff they think about. That way society can see it coming and prepare. Blocking websites and pretending everything is fine is delusional.

Strange as it may seem, I am leaning towards konfab's opinion on this issue. The manner in which the website was taken down suggests that any website that expresses a dissident opinion to the "powers that be" would be subject to the same fate. Including this one. Ostensibly, all that it needs is one complaint from an expat residing in another country. Sadly, many of this forum's members are too young to remember the vast swaths of journalistic fact and opinion that were redacted from print publications (the Internet never existed in its current form) in the seventies and eighties. I do, despite having fought a bush war during that time.

The "great (fire)wall of china" made they news recently for, once again, blocking free speech (whatsapp blocked ). Pretty much the same outcome.

So the question is, is freedom of speech, transparency, and journalistic opinion necessary in a democracy, despite people using it to further an (arguably ethically) dissident view such as the BLF?
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