The threat of expropriation without compensation is closer than you think


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Jul 23, 2009
And ANC says white people owns the land. Catch a wake up ANC voters...

edit: some poster here moaned that MYBB people calling anc voters stupid. If you are still voting anc after all these scandals, then you are beyond help.

Yes.. who do you vote for etc (all of the party's suck)... but jeez. Catch a wake up.

edit: But if you get handouts from government.. it's all good.
you know the moaners and the anc apologists will say, that was the past, the "new dawn" will lead us to the new era .. blah, blah blah........

I really want to ask for those idiots, the same people in the party in charge, the same structure of the party, same leadership etc etc, that was nothing changed, how that can be "new dawn"? "new doom" is coming my friends.

if you don't know that the sun is hot, ice is cold, dogs are four legs, monkeys climb trees, fish can swim, you have to work for your money, democracy is not a program to enrich yourself, anc is corrupted, anc is killing civilians, anc is evil, .... then you still vote for the anc. I don't call you you are an idiot, so what I am going to call you? genius instead? right?