The UNISA thread


Apr 11, 2016
Hi All - my employer has awarded me with a bursary for this year's studies. I was told by HR that I need to get a tax invoice from Unisa before they will make the payment. So the process is that firstly my employer gives me a letter requesting the tax invoice from Unisa, Unisa then supposedly responds with a tax invoice, I then give this invoice to my employer and they pay Unisa directly.

So far my employer has given me the letter, and I've sent it to Unisa. The HR people told me I need to send the letter requesting the tax invoice to, which I did. I'm hoping that was the correct address to send it to? I received an acknowledgement email from Unisa with a case number. I have no idea how long this wait will be though. Is there another process I should follow to get this done quicker?

Best is to go to a UNISA regional office. That's where I used to get it.