The Volkswagen ID Thread (Contains EVs)

So, when is VWSA releasing ID4 here?

I keep seeing the same one on my daily commute.
We'll have to see what the price is like, but I expect this will be over a bar.
Suspect it's going to be priced between Tiguan and Touareg so about 1.4 mil with GTX 1.8 mil...but maybe I'll be surprised
I swear I see one every 5 minutes around here lately. They seems like a decent answer to Tesla's market dominance.

I hope they'll thrive in SA.
Saw many ID 4’s in Chicago & Richmond, lesser so in Toronto.

Saw a healthy amount of Polestar’s in Toronto.
My one neighbour recently got an ID.7

It reminds me of a passat sedan, but damn it's not anything to ogle at. No clue why they can't make better looking sedans.

I'd say its fair to guess that around 40-50% of my neighbours now have an EV. Even artisans (sparkies, plumbers etc) are beginning to drive around in the golf EV minibus thingy - as ugly as it is.

Worth mentioning, Oslo is now so full of EVs, that the city has cancelled their incentives. They're no longer allowed to use the bus-lanes & have to pay for parking and ferries again....which has pissed off a LOT of drivers, but idk what they thought was going to happen in the long run.
assuming VW is (still?) testing the waters here? there is no concrete evidence saying its guaranteed to launch here?