THE world could come to an explosive end on January 22

Feb 18, 2010
My name is who.dat. I am a survivor living North of the City of Durban. I am narrowcasting on one thread on the mybroadband forum. I will be looting gathering supplies at the Gateway Mall everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there... if anyone is out there... I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone.


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Oct 19, 2006
It was a beautiful 'reddish' for about 10 minutes or less before going a yellowish colour. If you saw a different sunset to all of us in the cable car last night then say so be it.
The Blood moon only happens during an eclipse of the moon. What you saw is a natural occurrence that happens everytime the moon is close to the horizon. Was just trying to give you a clue