The Zapiro Thread


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Jul 29, 2003
I just bought myself one of his collections at the airport for my in flight entertainment. I for got the name but it is the one with Manto on the cover.

Although all cartoons were still very funny, some of them actually seriously documents the inability of our guvmnt to deliver in a timely fashion. The book contained cartoons from 2003 and most of them are still relevant today ie the Manto's and Mugabe's and Mbeki's.

Others show how our ideals have been trodden on by a governmnet that has forgotten about how they came into power, and have compromised all principles they originally stood for. Here the one where he drew Yengeni in his prison cell, never knowing that the 5 year sentence would become a 6 month stint, with all privileges comes to mind.


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Feb 13, 2006
Bah. I've just spent hours looking for a very specific cartoon from when we gave the aussies a hiding in cricket and I simply can't find it.