They kept me hostage, assaulted me and didn't pay wages, claims domestic worker


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May 18, 2009
Hang on a sec, let me get this straight.. So this maid is held captive in some Indian guys house for 10 months. They should have paid her like R30 000 in wages which they didn't do.

So if I assume that R30k was backpay of her awarded R42500, does this mean any her pain and suffering was only worth R12500? If so this means you can have your own slave with no basic human rights for the low price of R4250 per month.

I would expect that the Department of Labour would prosecute for the maid on her behalf, charges of assault and kidnapping at least. Essentially all this happened when she went to work. Instead they settled for R42500.
This was a Dept of Labour claim and not the criminal case. It's in the article. It's wages owed to her. She could institute a civil claim if she wanted but that costs money.
Meanwhile, Faranaaz Gafoor of the Economic Freedom Fighters visited Athlone SAPS on Friday to ask why the case of common assault had not been escalated to the courts and why no arrests for kidnapping have been made.

“We just came from Athlone Police Station and spoke to the Station Commander,” she says.

“He said the case is still under investigation and that there is a second charge relating to an Older Persons Act.

Previously, Athlone SAPS Commander, Colonel Mark Adonis, told Daily Voice the case was still under investigation.

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Oct 18, 2018
Would have boiled them with their own curry and Usain Bolted the hell outta there,bloody sickos:mad: