Things to do when your cap runs out


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The Local List
Websites you can visit when you international cap is reached.

We're Proud to Announce the official local only directory.

Date Last Updated: 26 November 2008
You can now find Live Constantly Updated links at You can submit anything that is accessible through local internet, you can vote on the best links and those links will then be published. Join Today.



Computers / IT / Tech:


Internet / ADSL / ISP


Bulletin Boards / Forums:

Maps / Travel / Motoring:

Outdoor / Adventure:


Radio: (or)


Entertainment (Youtube-like, Movies, Magazines and more):


Government Related Sites:

Games and Game Downloads:

Downloads: Package/

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You can read a book, uhm go outside, mow the new know...cause besides MyADSL theres not much else you can do with all that local...
Read a book by candle light???

Mow the lawn with a flashlight???

Meet people in the dark??? :eek:
Some Guys Uploaded some cool old dos games with which you can make good use of your local bandwith
Ah, the good old days, I remember playing the majority of those games. I still have some of them on floppies and stiffies somewhere, only problem is I don't have drives to read it anymore :D


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True...there's not much you can do with local. The local usenet is useless and there's only so much local browsing you can do.

you could always create a script to loop and keep downloding iso's from IS :)


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Here is my local bookmarks, nicely organized in firefox, not sure if all of them are locally hosted though, but most of them should be.

Videos(like youtube):
Bulletin Boards: ;
Maps: ;
Shopping ; ;
News: (not sure if this is local) ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Gaming News: ; ;
Search: ; ; ;
Entertainment(Hollywood, TV, Magazines): ; ; ;
Game Server/downloads: ; ;
Other downloads:

Games played locally: Warcraft III on gateway, world of warcraft on SA servers, Call of duty 4, havent tried Crysis yet. I wish there were a work-around for steam games such as Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2. We should get our very own local steam server where we also edit the gateway, similar to how Warcraft III works, that would be the *****. It would probably be to much to ask for a steam server that also host the update files.
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