Thinking of buying a Nissan NP200


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Jan 24, 2019
What do you guys think of the nissan np200? Is it that bad that i have read online?
Depends on what you want to use it for. Extremely slow, but reliable. Also, get one with the safety pack(ABS). Dad drove one for a year then sold it.
I'm kinda in the same boat, also looking for a new small bakkie.

Nissan NP200 Fuel Consumption*

As an affordable hard working half tonne bakkie, the Nissan NP200 is a work horse that is also kind to your pocket. Offering a fuel efficiency of 9.7 l/100 km for its entry level model, it is certainly among your more fuel efficient bakkies.

That seems like probable real life consumption and not using claimed figures.
Is the Nissan Np200 seen as an insurance risk regarding vehicle theft and hijacking , how would it compare to the Polo Vivos etc. ?
Lil brother had the 1.6 16v and i loved that engine as it revved freely and sadly he crashed it.
My other brother has a 1.6 8v and it has been running with no issues and the last time (December 2018) i looked at the kilos, it has over 60 000km with no issues.

Some contractor that came to my place to sort out my geyser, they were driving one that had clocked 250 000km with no major issue to report.
So yes they are good and seem to be reliable as majority of security companies have them on fleet and we all know how those drivers drive.
I haven't picked this up in the press , but apparently the entry level Nissan Np200 ( Base ) now comes with airbags and ABS+EBD , just without aircon. No more bare bones Nissan Np200. Good showing by Nissan !

Some of the adverts I have seen , now makes sense.

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My friend had one, then got a chev utility, he said it drives softer.
Ok so I just pulled the trigger on a 2018 1.5dci with 50k odd on the clock, let's hope it pleases me..
Ok so I just pulled the trigger on a 2018 1.5dci with 50k odd on the clock, let's hope it pleases me..
Congrats !

Be sure to give a bit of insight into real world fuel consumption , if you don't mind ?