This is how much you will pay to return items to online stores in SA

I've never had an issue returning items to Takealot. They send a courier and reverse the charge on my credit card in full. Once they even emailed to say that they wouldn't collect the item but repaid me anyway.
Rise up, retaliate with a reckoning?

Generally, I think it is overselling with uncertainty in regard to imports. Lead times are all messed up, and even the distributors are unsure... All I like is to be kept in the loop, it is an expectancy, the sales contract is already made.

Companies and many people out there at the moment are holding on to the money, even when it isn't their own.
I wanted to buy something from Raru on the 8th of July to which they replied that it was in fact not in stock and only today is my refund being done.
You're lucky, I got refunded by Raru on a similar issue 40 days after they apologized that a certain product they initially confirmed (via email) was in stock and was eventually discovered (20 days later) not to be the case. A total of 60 days after initial payment made! Takealot much easier and pain free, worth paying the bit extra.