This is what a fake ABSA email looks like in a phishing scam


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Nov 22, 2010
This is what a fake ABSA email looks like in a phishing scam. Note that the criminal’s web address link is retained in this direct copy of the message for people interested in online security to follow. Don’t be foolish enough to “verify” your banking details.
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Absa has introduced a new scheme for all account holders to receive a return on incurred charges over the year.

This benefit is available to all internet banking subscribers with a minimum balance of R1000.
You are hereby advised to verify your account in other to qualify for this benefit.

Click here to verify
Internet Banking Team
- – - – - – - – -
The above phishing scam message obviously doesn’t really come from ABSA and bounces you to a Canadian site where you are bound to get ripped off if you are stupid enough to share slash verify your information on ABSA. It has already been reported as a fake site and users of FireFox and browsers with Google security features will be warned when directed to that site.