This is who could qualify to have their debt written off in 2018


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Apr 15, 2014
Irrelevant. If you don't understand it, then you shouldn't agree to it. Ignorance is not an excuse.
Being a lawyer, it would probably take me around 6h to analyze every single T&C of my car loan, much much more if I crosscheck with case law.

I don’t do it even though I have the knowledge and tools to, I can’t imagine anybody doing it.

Understanding the repayment terms, fine. But dot the i's and cross the t's, never.

But I agree that 0 accountability is not a solution either.


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Oct 19, 2007
ANC, breeding a culture of non payment for 20+ years.;) This will eventually come back and bite em on the backside(its already started). No need to pay eskom, it'll eventually be written off. No need to pay rates and taxes, it'll eventually be written off. No need to pay debt for those big screen tvs etc, it'll eventually be written off. Meanwhile, those who do pay have to constantly get charge higher and higher to cover the loses, all while the number of 'payers' is shrinking as this attitude grows. It can't and won't go on forever, it will blow up soon(as we're already seeing the cracks between the looters looting an even smaller pool being paid by and ever shrinking 'compliant' citizen).
Honestly though people don't earn anything. R6000 a month is nothing. You may argue that yeah they should not take any loans. So they can NEVER have anything nice. If you earn R20 000 and over indebt yourself and don't want to pay yes but cmon we talking about people earning less than R7000. What wage is that?

I work with some Zimbabwe guys and they can't even go home because Zimbabwe adopted the US dollar so ZAR/USD on their salaries is just no possible...

What about the people still living in in shacks feeding mothers and fathers that can't work. To take out R3000 for a TV is just too much for them does it mean they can never have it? Not fair either.

Writing the debt off is not a solution. Saving is impossible in certain circumstances. So where too from here?


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Aug 7, 2003
This is not a good idea. Even the idea to scrap the interest and only have people pay back the principal is stupid beyond belief because it tells people they can agree to terms and conditions and then not abide by those agreed upon terms and conditions.

Besides, it's immoral for the government to force credit record agencies to remove the record of an unpaid debt. This establishes a lie in the public record, which is contra bonos mores and deeply corrosive of public order.