Three graphs which show how Zuma wrecked South Africa’s economy


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Jan 31, 2005
Dare we hope?


So, in 2015 the ANC gave the integrity commission (IC) more 'teeth':

In December 2016 there were rumbles that the IC 'talked to Zuma':

Zizi said:

The party's national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, said, "The president is not appearing before the integrity commission, the report I think is an over-exaggeration. The integrity commission has written to the president to invite him for a meeting."

"They are meeting with the president to discuss the health and state of the African National Congress, he's not appearing as though there are charges."

It is unclear if the outcomes of the meeting will be made public.

In my mind Zizi's comments were 'inaccurate'; perhaps 'a lie' would be a better description.

The DM article does not articulate the charges, but it does say that JZ783 was asked to step down by the IC in December, which will be re-iterated on the 9th of this month by the IC; at Liliesleaf Farm no less.

Except for Mabuza, the ANCWL, and the ANCYL sentiment appears to have completely shifted.

The other two members of the so called "Premier League" also appear to have ducked out of this one.

Has the worm finally turned in the ANC, and do we finally dare to hope?


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Dec 15, 2009
All good if he resigns but the contract that was signed must be retracted and tendered for excluding any fking zuma or zuma cadre company!!!!!!


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Apr 16, 2015
This POS cretin wont resign. He will need to be pushed or pulled out. Voluntarily... never.