Tired of the FriendZone? Check out these tips


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Feb 9, 2013
Since everyone is afraid of the FriendZone (Especially Guys) here are some tips to avoid that deadly area:

1. If you have a friend that you like don't call her your friend, IN FRONT OF HER, rather do it when she's not around to see, read, or hear it.

Maybe you're in the FriendZone because you put yourself there by introducing her to your FRIENDS as your FRIEND then it TRIGGERED the trap of the FriendZone and you fell in it.

2. Be clear about your intentions from the start, don't befriend her to befriend her my guy, I mean rather opt for getting to know her that way she'll know you're just getting to know her. Tell her that "you might ask her out, you don't know but feelings are a funny thing you could fall for her and decide to ask her out." Be creative my ******, you don't want to end up in that ZONE because once you're in you probably won't get out, you might need Chuck Norris to help you out of there.

If you have more tips please Add them below :):)




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Feb 23, 2010
Don't tell her you might ask her out, ask her out.

Its like Yoda said - Do or Do not. There is no try.

Make a move soon after meeting her or not at all.

Want to avoid the friendzone? Just be a man. If you are too afraid to ask her out, that will be the reason why she wont date you.