Top ANC members want Zuma to step down – Report


Honorary Master
Feb 1, 2008
You are aware that Zim is a good example of what you are advocating, and they are currently no where near the path or direction of recovery for the time being. People seldom choose to live a life of hardship, recovery from zuma having his way could take decades as the problem propagates itself through zumas successors.

On the contrary, Zim is approaching civil war as evidenced by the anti-Mugabe protests (that never happened on a large scale before) that got put down by threat of police violence. This hair brained bond note scheme might end up being their catalyst for change.

Everything that happened before is not an example of what I'm advocating, it's the exact opposite: the status quo is preserved at all costs, then you wake up one day and realise your country is fcked beyond hope. We'll become Zimbabwe if the status quo is preserved, that's the problem.