Top of the pile: why Safari’s on Windows


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010
A lot has been said (or not) in the last couple of days about Safari appearing on Windows. I am a dedicated Mac user myself, but even I use Firefox on my iMac and MacBook. Why would Jobs release Safari for Windows?

The two best arguments I’ve heard both came from TWiT’s Macbreak Weekly #44 podcast.

Firstly, it’s a thin wedge for Apple. Like with iTunes, Windows users can start to get acclimatised to Apple’s software and interfaces. It makes switching just so much easier. I know iTunes helped me.

The second reason is perhaps more important albeit on a much longer term. Having a browser on the Windows platform means Apple has an environment in which to launch Apple applications. Web based software which run in a Safari browser can now be run on ‘the other 90%’ of the world’s desktops.

Remember the late 90s hype about the browser becoming the next operating system? With Safari on Windows it means we can run Apple software on a PC.

And – like all good web apps – it’s clearly marked as ‘beta’.