Toyota Auris: Toyota Approved Panel Beater


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Oct 28, 2009
Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone on this forum would be able to give me advice...

I bought a used Toyota Auris with 20000 km on the clock at the end of February this year. Unfortunately I was involved in an accident a month later.

My car was at Pro-Beat panel beaters (they’re Toyota Approved) for a month while they repaired the R80k odd damage on the vehicle...

Since getting the vehicle back I’ve had the following issues:

• Missing jack
• Creeking Steering
• Jumps into neutral occasionally when in fourth gear

I returned the vehicle last week Saturday to the panel beater in order to have the above mentioned rectified.

Today I received the following feedback...

Creaking only occurs occasionally so they don’t feel anything should be done to solve the problem (seriously, wtf?). In terms of the gear jumping into neutral they drove the car and since it did not occur while they were testing, they’re of the opinion that there is no problem. I drive 600km a week and in this time I probably experience the problem about 8x. They’re obviously not going to duplicate the driving conditions in a 30 minute test... I seriously don’t understand why they didn’t take the gearbox apart and check instead of conducting some arb driving test. They now want me to take the car back when it gets worse...

My issue is that I cannot afford to be without a car for a week every time these guys attempt to “fix” my car. According to them they do not have any loan vehicles.

What I’d like to know is if anyone knows what it exactly means to be a “Toyota Approved” panel beater. Does Toyota have any requirements as to the number of loan vehicles a panel beater must have on hand. Also is there any recourse that can be taken on my part in terms of Toyota assisting me, if these guys continue to stuff me around.

The reason I bought the Auris in the first place is because my golf 5 was getting a bit old in terms of mileage. Now my Auris feels like it has a million kilometres on the clock even though it hasn’t even been for its second service yet.

I seriously hope someone can help me out here.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 7, 2009
I would suggest contacting Toyota and asking them. Toyota used to list approved panel beaters on their website. Maybe ask one of the approved places what it means to be Toyota-approved and what the requirements are.

If you getting no joy from Pro-Beat, maybe consider taking it up with RMI or SAMBRA. Seems like your vehicle has mechanical damage which was overlooked. I assume this was covered by insurance. TeLl them the vehicle was not repaired properly, and you are driving with the risk of having an accident because of this problem. The insurance co may give you a courtesy vehicle depending on your policy.

The steering might just need some lubrication or tightening some bolts/nuts. The gear issue sounds more serious, pointing to gearbox or clutch damage. Is Pro-Beat qualified to strip a gearbox? Check with them/insurance company about who you can go to. Some gearbox places will do free assessments. Try that route and get a quote; at least you will know what's wrong and will have it in writing that the car requires repairs, and you can take it from there.