Toyota Financial Services Woes


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Sep 17, 2016
As the title says, I have been struggling with TFS to add insurance to my vehicle.
Long story short, I took out life insurance with Brightrock, in case I die, the value of the vehicle would be paid out in full, etc. That was the plan.

I bought a second hand "mooi opgepaste" Red Ford Kuga at a Toyota garage, with TFS financing.
The problem that I have, I want to cede my life insurance policy of Brightrock to the Kuga, in-case something happens to me.
The current life policy on the vehicle is Hollard Group Life, which I want to cancel, so that in case I die, Brightrock would pay out the full amount of the current value of the vehicle, and if there is money remaining, my beneficiaries will receive this.

They have been telling me that I cannot cede my Brightrock life insurance policy to the Kuga, because reasons unknown.
Does anyone here know why they don't want this, or what options do I have?
It would save me R135pm, paying for the insurance.