Toys r us returns policy


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Mar 17, 2004

I recently bought an electric ride-on for my son that after 3 days of playing.... basically stopped working properly and started to tilt to the right, which then caused him to fall off. I took the ride-on back to the store(within a week of purchasing it), but contrary to their stated policy of 7 days exchange/return, the ride-on's apparently have a 1 month repair warranty. I was not happy with this but what choice did I have??
It has now been 2 weeks of them repairing it and when they get it back from the warehouse(that did the repairing), the ride-on is still tilted to the right. So I told them that I am not going to accept it like that and the manager then says that she has to speak to her boss. I am still waiting to hear the outcome of this meeting, even though the manager promised to get back to me yesterday.

This has now got me thinking ... what can you really do as a consumer if the store just does not give a damn??

Can anyone tell me, as a consumer, what recourse do I have?? Surely there must be some place/authority to go with consumer complaints?? Can one go to the small claims courts?? is there an ombudsman??


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Sep 17, 2006
Try Peter ( Fortunately they're a "company who responds". Just reading through some of the complaints there.... they seem to respond to each and every one.