Transport minister reveals how many potholes government fixed in 6 months


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May 24, 2010
South Africa's shocking roads — here's how many potholes government has filled

The South African government has patched just under 1.3 million square metres of potholes in the past six months, according to Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga.

Responding to parliamentary questions from Inkatha Freedom Party MP Khethamabala Petros Sithole, Chikunga said there was no specific budget allocated for pothole repairs, and the funds came out of municipalities' maintenance budgets.
I feel KZN having an exact dead round number, might not be correct from their side
Well over double the amount of potholes fixed relative to Limpopo and only a R120k budget difference too.

Truly there are miracles happening in KZN.
Yeah bullshyte fikile.. Who pocketed the R670m from Kzn?
Discovery/dial direct have fixed more potholes than the government has.
Free State20,000m2

There is only one road in the free state, so it looks like they completely re-tarred it..
How does Gauteng spend 10% of the the others but fix more square meters?

Also, this quote about a stone could flick up and crack a windscreen.. seriously! How is that comparable to what could happen if you actually drove into some of these pothole/sinkholes.. what a.friggen.clown.
“We’ve got certain standards that we work to at the JRA. So, there is a certain way that we repair these potholes so that they do not re-occur.”

Bwhahahaha. I keep seeing potholes appearing in the same places. The roads in Joburg are looking terrible.
Go and look in Vanderbijlpark, it's basically one big pothole. There are some of them that's been there since 1996
come down to east london my thoughts were elsewhere then bang this was a highway. country is close to collapse
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What is the number of potholes that were fixed correctly?
I'm sure plenty of fools believe Sindiswa

And they are fools, we all know it is the EFF that is making the real difference...