Travelling to Maputo via Lebombo Border Crossing - please advise


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Jan 6, 2016
Hi all,

The Mrs and I will be travelling in a small hatchback to Komatiepoort in December and we were planning on not just visiting the Kruger Park but rather venturing into Maputo, Mozambique for a quick stint (if this is possible) via the Lebombo Border Post.

Other than the usual requirements which I've read up on line, is there anything that we/I should be aware of in terms of getting through the border and then on the Mozam side?

I've heard some horror stories of corrupt cops which makes SA's ones seem easy going...

If anyone has does this stint, should we look at staying for a few nights as opposed to making a day trip of this? Not really sure what there's to do in Maputo as I've only been to Vilanculos.

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.