Truecaller alternative for iOS


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Mar 18, 2010
So having come from Android to iOS, I have found that Truecaller is actually useless.

My sim was rolled over from some other woman, and I keep getting Debt and MBD calls from 7am till 8pm at night. At least 12-15 a day.
I have blocked every single one of them, but being a national call center, they go through so many iterations, it's impossible to stop them.
TrueCaller worked well on Android, and would show who was calling regardless if the caller was calling from the app or not. iOS seems to have their privacy game a little too tight. If the call wasn't made from the app, 9/10 times it will not show as spam.
Normally I would just leave the call and let it ring, but this is also my business line. So I need to answer every call just in case.


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Dec 14, 2018
I have a similar problem with spam emails.. I get about 6 a day, all from unique email addresses