Trying to cancel a Telkom email only service


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Jun 8, 2020
I am no longer a Telkom landline or ADSL customer. When I changed ISP's years ago, I opted to retain my Telkom email address for a small monthly fee of R20. However, halfway through last year, for no reason I can explain, the Telkom webmail stopped accepting my login credentials, meaning I cannot access or retrieve any emails. I have found no way of resetting or recovering a login for thi Telkom email address, the account number for this service doesn't even appear on my Telkom profile. Dialling 10210 doesn't help because the second prompt asks you for a service number, which is a landline number? Emailing iDirect doesn't seem to produce a helpful answer because the operators there seemingly can't read and think, so they just tell me the account is active. (Yes, I know it's active - I'm still being billed for it.) Apparently there is a form I must submit but iDirect hasn't sent me the form or a link to it, so where do I get it? And if I get it, will it require my service number (which I don't have)?

Has anybody here dealt successfully with an issue like this, and if so how did you resolve it? I really need some advice.