Tshwane on a rampage - cutting utilities to Sheraton, SANDF, and SAPS


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May 24, 2010
Tshwane on power and water cutting rampage

The City of Tshwane on Wednesday continued an aggressive campaign to switch off the water and electricity connections of customers whose accounts have been in arrears for more than three months.

City manager Mmaesebata Mutlaneng, Tshwane Metro Police officers, and city technicians visited numerous businesses and government buildings to switch off connections.
/imagines Tshwane rushing hither and thither wildly
My thoughts exactly... how did it get there, and who allowed it to balloon to that point
Wouldnt suprise me (from my own experience after being billed R1000 a month after my water meter failed) that there is probably a broken water meter....guestimated billings and a proper balls up in the accounts involved....
That's right, cut them off, flippen ANC lot.

If I had been one month behind, they would have cut me off a long time ago.
Good luck with that, as soon as you cut it. they just reconnected it. So now it's a criminal offense so Metro should arrest people but I ain't seeing squat
Would pay to see Metro arresting SAPS. That karate video springs to mind...
I think it's nothing but a publicity stunt, DA trying to cover their butts for the whole outages in the east. Pretoria has still loads of potholes, now water is an issue. DA is completely not a party, lots of councilors I have seen try but the whole system is as corrupt as the ANC actually even worse
Our account is overstated by 18k - we moved in in Dec (Finalised sale in Jan of the next year) but they charged us from the prior July.. Its such a mission for us to get them to fix it
Every month you pray that the amount is within the ballpark figure you expect...otherwise its just a nightmare dealing with the ignorant and useless twats at the city hall....