Tucker Carlson's interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The only time Twitter links won’t be frowned upon here.

But looking forward to some quotes.
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Watched some of it. An hour in and it was I'm taking back my land and of course uhmerica be bad and stop arming ukraine.
Went on reddit to see the meltdown.

Everyone just ranting about screengrabs of his face and focusing on 1-2 sentences. Didn't see any posts addressing what was actually said in the 2 hours - that would take actually listening to it, which as expected, they won't.

Just make fun of dumb/evil republican and russian man.
Zero rational discussion or nuanced thinking.
Par for the course on reddit though.

Started listening to it but got busy with work, will see where it goes.
So far Putin is deep-diving on history as background for the Ukraine-Russian area.