Tv Programs that were simulcast on Radio 2000


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My vote... "Steve Austin die Man Van Staal", "Buck Rodgers in die Vyfentwintigste Eeu" and "Misdaad in Miami".

PS. I know these are all trending on MyBB now but there are already some great threads about old-school TV. ;)
Fsck, now you tell me! I recall watching it on Sundays and it was in Zulu if I'm not mistaken. Did not recall seeing the simulcast logo on screen.
Quite sure it was in simiulcast - unless my Zulu skills were off the chain then :p
Now you've got me wondering whether it was simulcasted :confused: :eek:


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Along with Remington Steele and Arsène Lupin iirc :D
As far as I'm aware Arsene Lupin was in French. We had plenty of European tv shows in SA from places like France, Germany etc and those were mostly translated into Afrikaans with simulcast on Radio. I wish they would do that again as we get very little tv shows from continental europe in SA these days. A lot of the stuff was pretty good, Der Fahnder (Basspeurder Faber) is still one of my all time favourite cop shows.


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Misdaad is still running in Germany.

I also thought Derrick was good, that ran for about 20 years.
I see they get it in the US as well under the name 'Scene of the crime'.

Also loved Derrick, "Maar meneer , kan u nie sien hier is 'n moord gepleeg nie?" :D