UJ appoints 25-year-old Bhaso Ndzendze as head of department of politics and international relations

Cosmik Debris

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Feb 25, 2021
@ Cosmic Debris ... you did give me a like for my previous post but I do have a bone to pick with you. You diss social sciences as if it's the scum of the earth and you fail to understand that social sciences aren't just "opinion". There are a legion of research methods, including statistical calculations that go into the study of political science. As a matter of fact it is widely known that political science is one the most multi-disciplinary academic fields.

And for the argument that practical scientific fields are worth more that abstract / social scientific fields ... consider a world where no-one is studying any social or philosophical issue at an advanced level whatsoever. What a poor place our world would be.

I am well aware of the uses of the humanities subjects. Some are useful like psychology and psychiatry. I have read deeply about them and I am aware of the statistical calculations used in them. I was exposed to this by management studies and I find the Jungian personality types as enumerated by the Myers - Briggs tests fascinating. This puts these subjects firmly into the proven theory group.

Political and social science? They try but are soon eclipsed by events.

vigras rojara

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Dec 28, 2016
Only because of people like you that can't argue the subject needing a personal attack as the only answer they're capable of.

It's rather sawn off and boring now.
No, there are many arguments with personal attacks on this board.

There is only one member who rattles on about everyone making the threads about them, ad nauseum.