UK Govt. Approves Net Censorship – Free Speech Dies


Ulysses Everett McGill
Aug 26, 2011
Pretty sure this is fake news.

One, not even right leaning sites like the Telegraph have carried this story.

Two, I'm pretty sure that I read such a scheme was abandoned as unworkable. Even the Lefties know when they are beaten.
lol, incredible. Your tribalism is so strong that proposals by right wing, conservative governments is labelled as "leftie".


Executive Member
Apr 20, 2005
Sad days ahead. It would have not been necessary if people claiming to do self regulation actually did that. This is exactly what many people tried preventing, told them it would eventually leave government with no choice, but the madness continued.

Now if only Ofcom would look at all those lovely +447/8... etc numbers used as a proxy for fraud internationally, that allows all types of crap to flourish. But I suspect that will follow.


Honorary Master
May 4, 2012
Why the disbelief? They tried to push this through in 2010 long before brexit but it was ruled unconstitutional by the EU courts. If you don't think it's what they've been trying for all along.
Is NY Times left wing enough?

Get ready folks, the days of internet freedom in Britain are numbered.

Next will be pay per view. £5 per gig of nice news about boris, £5 per mb of bad news about Boris. All internet content to be taxed by government through your ISP based on what you're using your data for.
UK Gov have also expressed 'concern' over the anonymity granted by 3rd party VPNs.
Tried being the operative word. All those laws were canned after receiving large scale push back and not because of the EU having any say. You can be sure if such a law was even on the cards it will be carried by every major outlet.