[UK] Lesbian babysitter forced teenager to take part in sex games for months


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Jun 12, 2007
Lesbian babysitter forced teenager to take part in sex games for months

A lesbian babysitter who forced a teenager to take part in sordid sex games 12 years ago has finally been jailed.

Deborah Evans, 46, told Katrina Holmes ‘you are gay and you will always be gay’, even though the young girl was only interested in boys.

Evans made Katrina, then 15, perform sex acts on her for months when she babysat, a court heard. But Katrina kept a diary of the grooming and used it more than a decade on to help convict Evans of sex offences. She waived her right of anonymity to share her distressing story. Evans, from Ely, Cardiff, was jailed for seven years recently after she was found guilty of 11 counts of indecent assault. Sentencing the predator at Cardiff Crown Court, Michael Fitton QC said: ‘The victim was groomed and managed to satisfy your own desires. ‘There was overwhelming evidence that the harm she suffered was severe.’

Evans started babysitting Katrina when she was just seven and she soon became a family friend. Speaking since the trial, Katrina said: ‘I really liked her – she always had a can of lager in her hand and would get pretty tipsy.

‘But she was mischievous and fun. My own mum lived hundreds of miles away so I really looked up to Deborah and felt safe with her.’ However, Evans made a pass at the girl during a sleepover when Katrina was 15 in 2006. Katrina, from Cardiff, continued: ‘She stayed over our house in my bedroom — with two single beds. ‘She said: “Kiss me.” I remember her opening her mouth as her lips tried to close onto mine. I froze and pulled away from her. “What are you doing?” I said, trying to laugh it off. ‘She was 27 and I was 15. I wanted her to care about me but I felt more afraid than safe when she was around.’ Within weeks, Evans became ‘controlling and bossy’. She made the teenager perform sex acts in her own flat.

Katrina said: ‘She tried to make me perform a sex act on her. It was repulsive. ‘I said “I don’t want to”. But she carried on and ignored me. I felt powerless and afraid. Maybe I wasn’t a tiny child but she had so much control over me.

‘Inside I was crying – this woman who I looked up to and loved was now abusing me. ‘She seemed to get a thrill out of the fantasy of being caught. ‘One morning I was ironing my school uniform and Deborah walked into the room. ‘She said to me: “You are gay”. But I answered: “I’m not gay”. ‘She gripped me hard. “You are gay and you will always be gay”, she said aggressively.’ Katrina used the diary entries in court as evidence against Evans, who is a chef. She handed them to police when she found the courage to report her last year.

She admitted she blamed herself for the ordeal. ‘It has taken so much courage and strength to speak out but I am no longer that frightened teenager. ‘I have made Deborah Evans accountable for what she did to me.’