Aug 22, 2011
I am in desperate need of help -

I am unable to connect to certain webpages on mobile (currently an iPhone 6+). I cannot for example access vodacom.co.za, but I can get onto bbc.com. I can't get onto facebook.com or news24.
I cannot stream on Apple Music.
Until recently I could send images, voice notes etc via WhatsApp. Now I cannot.

I have contacted Vodacom Customer Care - they advised the removal of Age Restrictions - this done at store level. Nothing on the account blocking according to the store. (I had previously done this in Feb last year, and now again - just in case). Previously someone advised I could contact 082155 (no longer an active number or data services email)

I have done a sim swap (when I upgraded).
I have done another sim swap - just in case.

I have pretty much done everything I can and spoken to several store clerks and in-store service people. Clearly the fault is on my service is the backoffice somewhere. Does anybody have the number of the guy that needs to tick the box to allow me access?