Unable to send and receive email messages from associated Axxess email account on BB


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Jul 12, 2007
I have Blackberry 9700 Bold. For more than 6 months I had an Axxess hosted e-mail account associated and send and receive e-mails without problems. Since yesterday none of these emails are arriving on my BB and I can not send any from the specific e-mail address. I got this e-mail from Blackberry:

"This email account is not currently accessible by your BlackBerry device, so you may be experiencing a delay in email delivery. This issue may be caused by a temporary problem with your email provider. BlackBerry Internet Service will continue attempting to access this account."

Contacting Axxess, they said that " the problem is with Blackberry (the company) not being able to access the Axxess server", so Axxess say the problem is with Blackberry and I can not find a contact number for Blackberry.

So who’s to blame you think? Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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Feb 23, 2005
Hope you get it sorted. Why not switch to gmail? Then you can have them forward your Axxess email there?


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Jan 24, 2008
Happens to me on the odd occasion, but i was with webafrica, the problem is not with Blackberry the problem is with the substandard QOS in SA, unfortunately you cant even blame your ISP as it goes all the way back to the international exchanges, the RIM server tries repeatedly to retrieve the mail and after a while it simply gives up

Now to me what was most annoying is that my webafrica mail was for my business and for hours on end i get no mail, but my gmail account never has any trouble. So if its really a problem with the phone company 1 would 1 provider work and another not. Anyway i moved my copanies email to google apps, that way google took over all my emails, since then not a single problem with mails and as gmail is a push mail service it does not wait for RIM to check for mail it simply pushes it down to your device, so instead of the 20 minutes between pop checks from RIM you get your mail within seconds of gmail receiving it.

I would suggest using gmail as you will continue to have problems while using a local pop provider, either they will have extended server problems, or network problems or telkom will just be telkom. You can either setup gmail to check your pop account, or if possible have your axxess mail auto-forwarded to your gmail. Best solution of all would just be to tell axxess to *** off and use gmail only, even hotmail or yahoo would work as long as its a mail provider not dependant on south africa.

Also, i have had 2 berries, so thats over a years worth of email and i only started having trouble around the same time mweb did its peering thing, so it think its safe to assume that the interconnectivity may have a role to play as well.

1 things for certain, its probably not axxesses fault, if so only slightly, but it sure as hell aint blackberries fault.

If you really want to keep using it, resend the service books from your handset, on your phone go to your email setup icon, log in and bb menu key>service books, next screen select "send service books.
Wait about an hour and make sure there is a new mail on the server time stamped after the resend, if it does not come through then login to the mobilemail website and select and re-save the account, again if that fails then delete it from mobileemail and re-create it, but unless SA sorts out its numerous problems you will have to do this every few weeks, or months if your really lucky. Going overseas with your mail would be a much less irritating alternative.