UNIVERSAL ROOT for all Android devices


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Mar 15, 2012

When: 10 AM PDT tomorrow(6/15/14)
Where: In this thread, in #towelroot on freenode, and at towelroot.com
Software live at towelroot.com RIGHT NOW!

Please report bugs to my gmail geohot+towelroot or in this thread.
New version will be released later today hopefully fixing them.

Definitely invited: AT&T GS5, Verizon GS5, GS4 Active, Nexus 5
May have some troubles at the door but invited: AT&T/Verizon Note 3
Possibly invited: Every Android phone with a kernel build date < Jun 3

Stay tuned right here for updates. I'm coming for that bounty.

Killed bugs:
Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-722276 is FIXED! Redownload.
Download failed issue should be fixed.

Known bugs:
Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-257432 doesn't seem to work. Updating to 722276 should fix.
Newest Moto and HTC don't currently work because /system is write protected.
Detected as Andr.Exploit.Ratc by some virus scanners. It is an Android exploit. Will not fix.

My SU binaries won't update?
I think the version of SuperSU in the play store isn't up to date. Use:

Does it trip KNOX?
My phone says "KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x0", but no promises

What's your paypal?
geohot@gmail.com but wait to donate until after the tool works for you.
I also have a bitcoin: 1DFhk6fs26AafaNiQyEgdGM7NSaLzVN2VE

What's the hash of the apk file?
SHA1 = d6a9e17b2e5f079fd9e9b5c49a0b47f527c8ef19
Though neither this site nor my site have HTTPS.

I rooted, what's next?
Tweet about #towelroot with #doyoueventowelrootbro


[XC] Oj101

Jun 4, 2010
No joy on the Galaxy S5, baseband G900HXXU1ANCI. I've tried using the codes 1337 0 1 0 4 0, 1337 0 1 7380 4 0, and the generic, temporary 1337 0 1 0 4 1 but they all say I have an unsupported device.