Unrequested OTP and Phishing scam

Itsa Trap

Expert Member
Jan 22, 2020
Hi, not sure if this is the best place to put this, but it is re my MTN mobile contract, that I recently upgraded:

Basically got phishing mails (initial links are not even to MTN website, and then goes to mtn.com), I did request an
OTP on the fake website, with no intention of even entering anything. (Didn't receive said OTP anyway). So I sent the link to MTN fraud dept by mail and waited for them to come back.

Meanwhile, this morning 10:00 I get an OTP that I usually get with accessing the MTN Billing links sent via SMS (been getting them for years via this number) except I didn't request it. Tested the link immediately, it warned me that I had already gotten my OTP. Waited a couple of minutes whilst looking for MTN contact numbers to phone, tried again and got a new OTP from the system.

So someone is trying to access my acc. obviously.

I am just hoping someone on here can point me in the direction of the correct number to dial to report / query this?