[US] Dad, 19, tried using extension cord shock to revive baby after smothering her

Jan 7, 2010

A young father in Arkansas smothered his infant child before trying to revive her by shocking her with a live extension cord, police said in a Wednesday report.

Tyler Buchanan, 19, was charged Monday with capital murder in his daughter's death, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

The 2-month-old girl, named Paisley, died on June 12 after Buchanan allegedly suffocated her as he tried to stop her from screaming so he could sleep.

Buchanan, according to the news outlet, initially told police that the baby woke up around 5:30 that morning, and he fed her with a bottle before she went back to sleep.

He reportedly said that when he woke up later, his daughter was not breathing, so he cut off the end of an extension cord and tried to use it to shock her back to life.