US Politics : Old Age Home Shenanigans

Yes, of the majority of the people within those borders...
And the greater the majority the better, right?

Do you doubt Oranians will get a 100% YES result in their referendum?

There is no reason other groups, which already have a common core set of values that differ from the Socialists that have been running the show for the last 30 years, could not do something similar.

What kind of real world country do you imagine that caters to every extreme moral code of people living there and how do you imagine that would work in practise?
In the real world, a new border is drawn on average every 17 months. That's been happening for the last 50 years.

Borders are clearly not as static as you think they are.

There are several ways to know where/how to update the map.... for example, in the case of Orania - people of a shared set of core values - bought some land, and moved to it.

When they are ready to leave, they will simply declare independence. If they can't imagine a better way, then they do this according to the usual procedure i.e. the one used up until now.
Interesting fact. At the time it was armies of what is now Belarus, Poland and Ukraine that fought that battle specifically.

Yes, about 2.5 mil of them under the red army/soviet banner.

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