[USA] Ex-Muslim Group Launches #AwesomeWithoutAllah Billboard Campaign


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Aug 7, 2012
Not many will be that humble after a victory, well done. :thumbsup:
You might relate to this one:

An ex-Muslim for more than sixty years, Syed Rizvi's path to non-belief is a story as old as the partition of India.
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Dec 20, 2007
So many rules and laws, jesus no wonder humanity is in such a state. Wear this, walk that way, don't eat this, bow 3 times or dance around for that. Everyone trying to appease their gods by living out rules that's supposed to get then into Valhalla for everlasting bliss or something. The volcano god is angry better sacrifice another virgin..


**** all that, you people need to stop worrying about what your imaginary friends may think and start living lives that's worth something instead of tryna figure out who's right or wrong about nothing. Best thing I've ever done was to unshackle my mind from the demands of supernatural beings expecting me to perform like a rat in a maze for a reward.

No seriously, day after day after day of repeating the same **** over and over again, wtf cares? What difference does it make?