Validation of Cell and Landline numbers


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Jun 4, 2007
Hi everyone, newbie here so was not sure where to post this:

Am working on a project that needs to validate SA cell and landline numbers on a systems (10million plus numbers) for correctness. We are doing all the normal checks (must be 10 digits, no alpha characters allowed and also checking short numbers for Farm Numbers).

The people who input the number do not always enter correct numbers. One of the checks that was implemented was to delete any numbers that have a single digit repeating throughout the number, e.g. numbers like 011 216 0000 will pass the check but number like 011 222 2222 will fail the check.

I wanted to ask if this check is valid, i.e. according to the cell and landline number standards defined, is it ok to have a number with a single digit repeating throughout the number? I have checked the Icasa papers and other forum posts in this regard but have not come out with an answer.

Any assistance would be much appreciated