Vatican Rejects Gender Change to Alarm of LGBT Catholics


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Jun 23, 2016
The Vatican issued an official document Monday rejecting the idea that people can choose or change their genders and insisting on the sexual "complementarity" of men and women to make babies.

The document, published during LGBT Pride Month, was immediately denounced by LGBT Catholics as contributing to bigotry and violence against gay and transgender people. Advocacy group New Ways Ministry said it would further confuse individuals questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation and at risk of self-harm.

The text, "Male and Female He Created Them," was intended to help Catholic teachers, parents, students and clergy address what the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education called an "educational crisis" in the field of sex education.


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Aug 2, 2008
Although I was born and brought up as a Catholic and endured six years in a Catholic (Jesuit) boarding school I learned what a load of nonsense it all was was but I have to say that, in this case, the Church is correct.

For several million years normal hominid reproduction has required the joint efforts of a male and a female - as with many other life forms and, where there were abnormalities, no reproduction was possible.

Homosexuality and gender confusion are tiny parts of the whole spectrum and are simply birth defects no different or worse than albinism or haemophilia and the Church has no right to condemn them


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Feb 11, 2017
In other news , Gun owning anti gunners decried the use of firearms for sport stating that they own guns for the fact that they want nobody to own them.


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Apr 10, 2018
Yeah not an argument , nowhere does it say that gays are a mistake .
Also hundreds of millions ?
They are 3% (approx) of the US population , seems a bit far fetched or a tweet by someone with an agenda .....
Not my argument take it up with God his Twitter handle is right there