VBS liquidators want to take Nkandla if defaulting Zuma can't pay back loan


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Apr 8, 2006
Ag shame
Nkandla -- it is actually NOT Nkandla -- which is on the top of the hill
It IS far closer to Middledrift -- on the uThukela

In any case Zuma's "ancestral-home" is near Impendle

The kwaNxamalala in Impendle, which is separate from the kwaNxamalala in Nkandla, is President Zuma’s ancestral home.

JZ’s nephew to launch massive land claim

As I mentioned previously -- so many tortured Electrons -- so MUCH NONSENSE !
*pats on the head* Its ok MW.... At least I apparently have Electrons


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Nov 20, 2003
He does, it is his father's house and it means a whole lot more to him than all his other houses in the suburbs.
It's comforting to know that no matter how much you care and no matter who you are, you're still subjected to the ways of the locust swarm...



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Aug 7, 2012

The bank has warned in court papers that if Zuma failed to settle accumulated arrears amounting to R500,500 it will have to attach his Nkandla home which was used as security for the loan.
Zupta had no intention or expectation that he'd service the "loan".


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Mar 17, 2009
Very much not the case... Nkandla is his castle, and his ancestral home. It means more to him than your own home ever could. As "westerners" we don't have the same sort of attachment to our specific place of birth.
well, if youre using what thechamp said as reasoning to your opinion, he also said:

This guy spends most of his time here in Gauteng, he does not take care of his father's homestead. As you can see that is not the Nkandla firepool.

youd be surprised how some "westerners" carry attachment for their specific place of birth in this country and elsewhere tbh, enough so to defend it tooth and nail... after all, wars happen. morale wins wars. people who have nothing or little to lose also have nothing/little to fight for. lower morale. while people who have lots to lose have lots to fight for. higher morale. not everyone just becomes immigrants. or do you think because something is tribal it somehow carries more weight. some people might regard one origin more important than another, but something can lose its importance too. i also think its easier to give up a pile of mud and straw, easier to walk away from, for brick and mortar, once you have it. since most have left that life to join modern society.