Vista will rule the world. There is no debate…


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010
So the world as we know it is on fire about Vista. Some folks hate it! Some folks love it! Some say it won’t make it in the long run, others say it will. Recently Dell customers forced the company to step back to Windows XP because of a range of issues with Vista. If I were them I would demand the same, but don’t discount Vista yet. Well, to be honest whether you do or don’t rank it as the next OS for the masses, the truth is, it will be. The Microsoft era is not over yet and too many businesses have a vested interest in Microsoft products purely from a human capital perspective. I received an email from a friend today detailing one of our government department’s official views on Vista. They are not touching it with a disinfected street poll at the moment according to the email, because current software packages don’t function on it.

Other reasons include hardware requirements and sluggish peripheral support. I must say, I am impressed. This is the perfect decision for the department (any department anywhere for that matter) because Windows Vista is still in development for all practical reasons. This doesn’t change the fact that it is coming and it is going to come hard! Within the next couple of months Vista SP 1 will be released and with it will come a tidal wave of smiles from ordinary computer users looking for something pretty to look at and fun to use. Especially the folks, who have it right now, will be very happy. Windows Vista will be fun to use! The Apple, Linux and related crowds will despise it as usual, but Windows Vista will be the OS platform of choice and necessity for millions of computer users around the globe.

Companies cannot afford not to use it, because keeping people stuck on Windows XP in the medium term will not be viable because of the development of new software. I have a sneaky suspicion hardware manufacturers haven’t loved an OS more than they will love Windows Vista. It is resource hungry and it will drag many people into a new era of high powered computing. Kicking and screaming if need be. I love this!

Why do I love this so much? I love it because with this boost in the need for higher performance spec s, the scope for development of new ideas and tech gets expanded too. We are getting closer and closer to scenarios we could only have imagined in sci-fi movies! This is exciting times. The world is slow to react because Microsoft fumbled the ball, but they will pick it up and they will run with it. They always do for some reason. Overpriced and clunky as their OS may be, the market isn’t ready for a world where Linux (for instance) is king. Go to the average computer user in any company in the world and they will most likely only know how to use the Microsoft Windows basic layout. Vista stretches the imagination a bit, which is good, but there are better desktops out there in the Linux world. Getting them to work though, is a problem for the ordinary Joe & Jeanette at the nearest office cubicle. They will not even last 5 minutes on most Linux boxes including the Ubuntu distribution. This is still the vestige of the above average computer user.

Windows Vista is still the easiest thing for the ordinary computer user to use and old habits die hard.
Windows Vista will be everywhere soon. There is no doubt! Linux will keep the older hardware alive and useful though. Perhaps that is the way folks should dictate their resources. Linux can do so much more with lower spec hardware. I am pretty sure any network admin worth his salt can put an old desktop to use in the royal realm of file, ftp, web, intranet or “whatever” serving…

If I was a computer I would like to be a Linux server when I grow up…