Vodacom’s "surprising" valuation of IoT.nxt analysed

Jamie McKane

MyBroadband Journalist
Mar 2, 2016
Vodacom’s "surprising" valuation of IoT.nxt analysed

Vodacom announced in May 2019 that it had reached an agreement to acquire a majority stake in IoT.nxt - a transaction which was concluded on 23 August 2019.

Vodacom said this acquisition would accelerate its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and transform its dedicated IoT business unit.
Would love to get an 33X Run-Rate revenue deal for our little IoT business... and we (sorta) make profit :D

(2000m / (5.5m*12))
IoT is big news, and the possibilities are very broad. They may be onto something.

Vodacom is also pushing hard into NB-IoT. It's a part of their long-term strategy goals.
Now you can send a "please buy me milk" or a "please call me" to someones fridge.

I'm gonna tweet this to vodacom and demand billions when they implement it.