Vodacom contract renewal - PATHETIC SERVICE


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Jun 28, 2017
Boy, did I have fun trying to get my existing contract renewed with Vodacom! :mad::mad::mad:

I received an SMS from Vodacom indicating that my contract was due for an upgrade. I promptly called the upgrade department at Vodacom and after 37 minutes holding was put through to a consultant. I was told that I can have the same package renewed for R 199.00 per month. I accepted this offer and after an additional 20 minutes was told that there is a problem with their system and she could not complete the transaction but undertook to call me back before the close of business yesterday. Needless to say, I never received the call!

I called them again this morning and spoke to the same consultant who said she had tried to call me, however, no missed calls on my phone etc. To cut a long story short, the consultant was unable to process the offered package. I was put through to another consultant who was supposed to assist in finalising the package. After many minutes, I was told that he could not process the package offered and I needed to contact customer retention's and threaten to cancel my service and they would then process the offered package. I asked to be put through to retentions and needless to say I ended up having to phone them directly as the call was terminated.

After getting hold of retentions (half an hour waiting), it took approximately 10 minutes to get the issue resolved.

I am disgusted at the level of service offered by Vodacom as it is not any easy process to have an existing contract that is about to mature simply renewed. It seems as if this is standard shi* service particularly if you are not interested in a handset/device and simply want to have your contract to rollover.


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Nov 23, 2009
Took me 5mins from mtn 808 contract nr to renew my contract....wonder why it takes Vodacom so long...


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Mar 13, 2006
Just do it on the website. Quick , easy and cheap(er) than the shops. That is how I did my last 3 upgrades. Haven't seen the inside of a vodacom store for years.

The q's are so damn long in those stores, I don't understand people going into the stores if you can do it online.


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Oct 6, 2009
That's just bad luck I guess. i upgraded one Vodacom contract online. Took less than five minutes and the phone was delivered the next morning. The other one I did over the phone took about three minutes.


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Dec 4, 2012
Upgrading online is easiest, but keep in mind they might not have stock of the handset you want. My previous three upgrades were done online, it is certainly convenient and you don't have to pay the R150 upgrade fee, but my last upgrade, which was done 2 months ago, couldn't be done online because they didn't have stock...had to do it at a Chatz Cellular shop, which was the only place where I could find stock of the handset I wanted.


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Apr 29, 2009
I had a similar experience at the end I went to telkom for a new contract. Approval done in 20 minutes. Lots of free minutes and data, etc. Actually more value for money than Vodacom

Never again will a renew any contract with vodacom they expensive for nothing


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Nov 4, 2014
My contract was expiring and instead of going prepaid - which I wanted to - the phone consultant convinced me to go onto a data contract instead (since I wasn't happy with any of the phones available). It was a good deal, but a huge headache in terms of getting it finally settled because the guy gave false info, activated the contract early, and charged stuff I never agreed to.

Moral of the story is: avoid doing contract renewals or signups on the phone. You really have no idea how competent or honest the consultant is. I'd rather go through the hassle in a physical store...or if it's so easy online - as others have said - go that route.

Customer service in this country - particularly on the phone - is just another level of frustrating, depending on who you deal with. It's always a lottery as to whether you get someone good or not...